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2005 Natural Michigan Bodybuilding and the Melissa Frabbiele Fitness and Figure Championships

July 16, 2005

Melissa Frabbiele Classic 
Fitness Division
First: Amy Crawley

Figure Division
Masters Class

First: Karen LaVearn 
Second: Julie Schott
Third: Lydia Shepard
Fourth: Jennifer Paul
Fifth: Cyd Odabachian

Short Class
First: Karen LaVearn, Overall 
Second: Julie Schott
Third: Pamela Soper
Fourth: Shawna Swartzmiller
Fifth: Bridgette Sparks

Tall Class
First: Lydia Shepard 
Second: Jennifer Paul
Third: Kathleen Miller
Fourth: Stephanie Hanna
Fifth: Kathleen Mullins

Natural Michigan Bodybuilding
Teen Division
First: Michael Joliffe
Second: Blake Ringenberg
Third: Brandon Wixson

Grand Masters Division

First: David Laycock

Masters Mens Division

First: Ken Kolb
Second: Timothy Paull
Third: Ronald Jar
Fourth: Eric Davis
Fifth: Steve Simmons

Masters Womens Division
First: Rhonda Anderson
Second: Sheryl Blystone
Third: Nancy Johnson

Natural Michigan Bodybuilding
Womens Division
Light Weight Class
First: Rhonda Anderson 
Second: Christina Comparato
Third: Sara Hogan
Fourth: Sheryl Blystone
Fifth: Nancy Johnson

Heavy Weight Class
First: April Frontiera, Overall

Mens Division
Bantam Weight Class
First: Said Al-Farsi
Second: Thomas Moon
Albert LaLonde

Fourth: Brandon Henson

Light Weight Class
First: Tim Daly 
Second: Brian Moran
Third: Justin Coleman
Fourth: Wissam Balout
Fifth: Tom Lee

Middle Weight Class
First: Frank Binno 
Second: Terrall Githey
Third: Brandon Buzanowski
Fourth: Kyle Harris
Fifth: Barry Gordon

Light-Heavy Weight Class
First: Ken Kolb, Overall 
Second: Matthew Otero
Third: Edward Sarin
Fourth: Timothy Paull
Fifth: Ronald Jar

Heavy Weight Class
First: Steven Gangler
Second: George Long
Third: Rossano Rea
Fourth: Nik Gersky
Fifth: Tom Cline


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