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2005 Motor City Bodybuilding, Fitness and Figure Championships

August 13, 2005

Fitness Division
First: Siene Silva

Masters Figure Division
First: Cyd Obdabachian
Second: Jennifer Paul
Third: Lydia Shepard
Fourth: Elizabeth Rauth

Short Class
First: Ginger Redeker, Overall
Second: Siene Silva
Third: Cyd Obdabachian
Fourth: Shawna Swartzmiller
Fifth: Elizabeth Rauth

Tall Class
First: Jennifer Paul
Second: Christy-Carmen Jordan
Third: Julian Mabin
Fourth: Lydia Shepard

Motor City Bodybuilding
Teen Mens Division

First: Steven Petersen

Masters Womens Division

First: Margaret Woods
Second: Jeanne Trepke
Third: Cheryl Faust

Grand Master Mens Division

First: Michael Fergione
Master Mens Division
First: Hans VanderGronden
Second: Joe Samples
Third: Mel Kahaian
Fourth: Timothy Paull
Fifth: Terry Walker

Womens Open Bodybuilding
Light Weight Class
First: Margaret Woods
Second: Rowena Giantses

Middle Weight Class
First: Amy Schmid, Overall
Second: April Frontiera
Third: Jeanne Trepke
Fourth: Lyndia Petrie
Fifth: Wendy Olindo

Heavy Weight Class
First: Tamala Proos


Mens Bodybuilding
Mens Novice Division

First: Shelby Starnes
Second: Jim Spangler
Third: Ron Thompson
Fourth: Mike Hevel

Fifth: Steven Peterson

Mens Open Division

Bantam Weight Class
First: Matthew Arnold
Second: Andrew Petaszko

Light Weight Class
First: Brian Charlton
Second: Chris Case
Third: Robert Fox
Middle Weight Class

First: Sam Oh
Second: Shelby Starnes
Third: Jalal Rahal
Fourth: Jim Spangler
Fifth: Mel Kahaian

Light-Heavy Weight Class
First: Dave Groce, Overall
Second: Hans VanderGronden
Third: James Seals
Bryan Pazdzierz

Fifth: Todd Jones

Heavy Weight Class
First: Joe Samples
Second: Billy Berry
Third: Jason Richardson
Fourth: Jermichael Pratt

Fifth: Michael Texas

Super-Heavy Weight Class
First: Michael Bishop
Second: Shaun Mirjavadi


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